LOFT HOME LIFE® - Agnese coffee table (LHL)

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Design: LOFT HOME LIFE®   
Designer: Tomasz Milosz
Business: LOFT HOME LIFE a.s.

Material: metal, chrome, wood, gold, silver, leather/fabric
Sofa 4 seater sofa   length 230 x width 77 x height 75 cm
Sofa 3 seater sofa  length 180 x width 77 x height 75 cm
Sofa 2 seater sofa   length 130 x width 77 x height 75 cm
Armchair                  length 80 x width 77 x height 75 cm
Cabinet                    length 147,5 x width 49,5 x height 80 cm
Coffee table              length 96,5 x width 56,5 x height 50 cm
Dining table              length 240 x width 120 x height 80 cm
Chair                       length 52,5 x width 52 x height 75 cm
Wardrobe                 length 120 x width 50 x height 200 cm
Bed                         length 215 x width 210 x height 100 cm
Bedside table               length 39 x width 29 x height 50 cm


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